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EXPERT Advantage
Control and data security
  • The database platform is PostgreSQL, one of the most dynamic and powerfull SQL server on the market today. It is run on Linux servers providing a very rapid processing of large amounts of data without the risk of losing any of it.
  • The access to the application and to each of the operations can be restricted to user names and passwords .
  • Upon any information entry to the system the user name and precise time is recorded.
  • Revision Control: upon any modification or deletion of data the user name, the time of operation and the data before the modification is recorded. In this manner one can view the history of each record from the system.
  • The server does automatic backups every day (or any other time span requested).
  • Access to the server is provided through SSH (Secure Shell)
  • It is possible to translate to multiple languages the interface and the reports.
Less TCO
  • Our applications (EXPERT) do not need any third party licences for the server or the workstations (except the MS Windows™ operating system for the workstations).
  • The applications are stored on the server so they can be enhanced or debuged online over the Internet by the EXPERT Software team.
  • All the applications run in a "thin client", Expert Navigator™, which resembles an Internet browser, so the application is run from the server without the need of installing it on every workstation (on every workstation Expert Navigator must be installed though).
  • The bandwidth usage of the applications is optimized. An operation utilizes the server only when it begins and when it finishes. This technology permits a cheap Internet connection to the server and clients.
  • The applications are very easy to use, very automatized, so operators can be very rapidly trained