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Trading and Wholesale Distribution Solutions

  • Complete and integrated system for online and offline retail stores network with serial number tracking and cash register integration
  • Automatic calculus of the price on customer, on price levels, discounts negotiated on product groups and sub-groups, offers with limited time span.
  • Automatic generation of promotions for products which have a small rollover or the stocks become larger than the maximal stock.
  • Checking of each customers credit, and its overdue bills.
  • Personalized customer and supplier offers with limited time spans.
  • Matching own products with that of the suppliers and the customers.
  • Default salesman on each customer, which can be changed on each invoice; commission on product groups and sub-groups and overseeing the encash of the invoices.
  • Overseeing the debts on debt intervals, overdue, on profit centers, customers and salesmen.
  • Overseeing the sales targets on quantities, and values on product groups, sub-groups, salesmen .
  • Interactive and dynamic analyze on quantities and values (costs, profit margins, sales) on products, product groups, customers, and suppliers, in tabular form or graphics. Supply chain management system.
  • Dynamic analyze on weekly and monthly bases spanned on multiple years.
  • Automatic calculus of the minimal and maximal stocks based on sales from previous period.
Order processing
  • Overseeing multiple order types: purchase orders, customer orders, production orders.
  • Overseeing the execution stadium of the orders through products left to deliver on each order.
  • Stock planning and supply chain overseeing: calculus of future stocks based on orders, automatic generation of purchase orders based on customer orders choosing the best supplier.