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 Logistics – Warehouse Management System (WMS)
  • Specialized solution for warehousing, logistics and transport of the goods belonging to different customers as tennants in the warehouse
  • The solution integrates the two systems: the back-office controlling system and the mobile barcode scanner terminals system
  • The back-office system offers the advantage of controlling the warehouse movements, so that the handlers will deliver the right goods lots from the right locations, because the expiry date and manufacturing lot are important: The delivery note is automatically generated on the computer and is validated/modified by the operator before the note will appear on the handheld scanner terminal, and the handlers will have to go with the handheld to the specified locations and deliver the pallets bearing the specified pallet barcodes.
  • The mobile device barcode scanners' application used by the handlers is very simple and easy to use to avoid human error.
  • With any stock movement the warehouse location is specified, there is a barcode label stuck on each rack location, so that the handler will validate the operations using a mobile barcode-scanner.
  • The locations are the pallet-sized rack cells. The warehouse is structured on streets, blocks and appartments. The blocks are the rack units and the appartments are the pallet-sized storing locations on each rack. A location is identified by an address containing the street number, block and appartment. For the stock-entry operations there is a warehouse map available showing the available locations.
  • The inventory is managed in multiple units of measurement (sales unit, pieces, six-packs, boxes, pallets).
  • The goods are tracked at the batch (manufacturing lot) level , pallet code and expiry date.
  • Data imports/exports integrate the system with the warehouse customers' information system
  • The application can be accessed over the internet by the warehouse customers.
  • The goods are managed on multiple categories: "ok goods", "damaged goods", "expired goods" etc
  • Picking locations and expiry date management: at delivery, the system suggests which goods lots from which locations to be delivered, according to the delivery rules.
  • Analyse reports for logistic services: delivered no. of pallets in a timeframe, no. of pallets stored by days, no. of operations executed by the handlers.