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  • The accounting is detailed at the profit and activity center level, subsidiaries and branches in one ledger, in local currency, in the currency of the operation (e.g. for import-export and external payments) and in a reference currency at an historical parity.
  • Balance sheets and account balances in local currency, in the accounts currency and in the reference currency at an historical parity.
  • Purchase and sales ledgers, bank and cash ledger.
  • Interactive "intelligent" templates makes it easy to post the documents as accounting records.
  • Overseeing the account receivables and payables at document level and due date, in local currency, the currency of the operation and in the reference currency.
  • Balancing debts, with automatic calculation of parity differences .
  • Automatic accounting of primary documents from inventory system in one or more accounting systems.
Financial analysis
  • Reports of the planned cash in-flows and out-flows on time intervals and overseeing the overdue documents.
  • Dynamic analysis in local currency and reference currency on operation types, on incomes and expenses on monthly basis and over multiple years.
  • Monthly budgets for incomes and expenses at profit/cost centers and the automatic overseeing of those budgets.
  • Cash-forecast of daily incomes and payments on customers and suppliers and income and payment categories.
  • Provisioned and realized cash flow on income and payment category.
  • Analyze through dynamic financial analyzer sets.
  • Data export de by filling Excel sheets cells with calculated values from accounting and from the analyzer sets.
  • Transformation in other accounting systems, translation of reports in other languages.