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Project management on estimates in construction
  • Tracing of contracts or projectcs with multiple stages, labours or execution stages, which assumes in time unwinding of the project or the contract. Offers the posibility to compare the initial estimates with the actual ones.
  • Perpetous tracing of differences between quantities and values in estimates (at list price) and the actual quantities and values.
  • Tracing of manual labour, on manual labour categories, with normed and realized values, on persons.
  • Tracing of differences between normed and realized on production units.
  • Ability to pay workers on realized manual labour on every component of the estimate.
  • Ability to charge the estimate with materials and manual labours not forseen in the estimate to calculate the real cost.
  • Estimates device reusability.
  • It is the most complete application for investment projects management, providing rigurous deadline and needed resources tracing.
  • Assures an unitary and structured vision over the whole rolling investments.
  • Access in real time the informations regarding the state of the investments, strictly based on access level rights.
  • Rigurous tracing of the stages of the investments and the decounts.
  • Realtime discovering of problematic points, and their corection.
  • Cash-flow on various time periouds, balancing programmed incomes with planned expenses.
  • Efficiency reports through series of indicators, offering a clear view of an investment regarding its time frame, costs and profits.
  • Budget management for a higher turnover.
  • Ability to analyze costs through expenses accounts/cost centrers, defined through a tree like structur, underlining the expense types on every center, regardles of its specificity.