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Retail network shops solution
  • Automation of supply procedures of the retail network and forcasting the sales for each shop
  • Centralized control of prices for each shop, with different price and article catalogues for each shop
  • Automated price change notification from central office to the shops
  • Shop POS barcode scanning sale procedure with no need of keyboard input. Barcode labels generation for articles not bearing such labels.
  • The sale can be concluded with cash-register receipt or with a printed invoice.
  • Saleperson name stored for each sale and customer discounts with fidelity cards management
Automation of shop supply procedure
  1. The store manager submits online the POS Order. It can be posted manually or generated automatically based on the sales forecast.
  2. At the central office the delivery note is generated for each shop, based on the pending POS orders.
  3. During the transport, the goods are tracked for each route until they are received at the destination
  4. Delivery Note Recept in the shop: the shop manager will check the quantities of the goods and submit the validation as an electronic signature. The Entry Note is automatically generated.